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We Build Websites Better.

At the turn of the millennium, an estimated 50 percent of Americans were online; in comparison, by the end of last year, almost 85 percent were turning to the internet on a daily basis with the remaining 15 percent tuning in on occasion. At this point, almost everyone ventures into the online world when searching for products or services, and consumers have become incredibly discerning when deciding just where to spend their money.

For small businesses, this means having a website is more critical than ever, but simply creating an online presence isn’t nearly enough to attract today’s consumers let alone convince them you’re worthy of their business. A number of website design elements must come together to pique the interest of your target audience, draw them along the sales funnel and successfully convert them into paying customers. Your website is your lifeline, and here at The Block, we’re dedicated to making sure that lifeline is strong enough to keep your business afloat in a sea of competitors.

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On the Surface

Before even reading what you have to say about your company and its products or services, visitors are going to judge your website based on overall appearance. They want to see a visually appealing site laid out in an easy-to-understand format. At the same time, your site needs to accurately and attractively reflect your company’s identity. We’ll create a unique theme specific to your business, and this is where our website design services truly begin to take hold.

Of course, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Visitors expect your site to load quickly, and if it doesn’t, they’ll promptly move on to your competitors. We don’t want that to happen any more than you do, so our professional website designers delve far below the visible surface of your site to make sure all the technical aspects are in order right off the bat.

As we’re all well aware, times are changing. Focusing on only one format isn’t going to reach all the prospects in need of what your business has to offer. Our industry’s analysts have noticed people are veering away from the standard stationary computer. Your target audience is on the go, and they’re taking the internet with them. This means your site needs to be available across the entire online spectrum. By incorporating responsive design into your website, we help ensure you’re fully visible to potential customers whether they’re searching from their desktops, tablets or smartphones.

Drawing in Your Public

Once your site attracts viewers, how do you get them to stay for a while? At this point, they begin to focus on your content, and so do we. Written content needs to be interesting, informative and relevant to your business as well as easy to read and understand. Your business should sound like the foremost authority in your respective industry without intimidating readers or boring them out of their minds. Providing a blog for your readers gives you an additional way of doing so while also building trust among your consumers.

On top of information about your market niche and industry as a whole, more than 75 percent of visitors seek out content pertaining to products and services unique to your business. At least half want to read about your company specifically. This means displaying well-thought-out material and offering a thorough “about us” section will go a long way toward holding people’s interest. Obviously, your wesite design should also display contact information in plain sight.

Pictures and video are part of your content as well. Depending on your industry, they may be even more critical than actual text in the eyes of your target audience. These elements should be engaging and relevant to your company. Videos geared toward prospects need to be short and succinct, but you can provide longer, more detailed ones for those whose attention you’ve already caught.

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The Full Website Design Circle

All these aspects allow you to stand out among the competition and draw consumers’ attention, but in order bring in prospects and transform them into devoted paying customers, your site has to be visible. In addition to generating a dynamic, user-friendly and responsive website design, our team provides SEO services. Your content needs to be rich in the many different keywords and phrases for which your target audience will be searching. Google’s latest algorithm revamp gives you a good bit more freedom in this regard, but all the deeper layers count as well when it comes to fully optimizing your website.

In addition to being easy for visitors to read, your website design should facilitate indexing by all the popular search engines. Web crawlers read your site but on an entirely different level than potential customers. We’ll edit your content, making sure title and alt tags, site maps and coding are all aimed directly at search engines.

Links continue to lend credence to your business as long as they’re from upstanding sources. Establishing links to your website from other relevant and authoritative ones builds steam for your company in the eyes of visitors and search engines alike. By fully optimizing your company’s online presence, we help make you more visible to your target audience’s favorite search engines, which ensures you’ll show up at the top of their searches where they’re sure to see you. This element makes all those other efforts worthwhile.


Knowledgeable, Dedicated and Customized Website Design Services

When you bring your website design services to The Block, we’ll assign an expert project manager to your business. Our team will dedicate its decades of experience to creating a theme designed to reflect the essence of your company and provide visitors the overall experience they’ve come to expect. We’ll help you set up a marketing strategy, guide you in the content creation and implementation process, establish the links necessary for building your online presence and get your site fully optimized to be more visible to search engines. In turn, your website will be awaiting leads on the first pages of their search results, draw them to your business and keep them coming back.

We’ll incorporate WordPress into your website, the most popular content management system currently available, so you can easily make regular updates to remain relevant. Your dedicated project manager will generate monthly reports to keep track of the effectiveness of our current strategies. Through joint efforts, your small business and our team can achieve the results you need to succeed.

Whether your company needs a website or just isn’t getting the traffic you’d hoped for with your current online presence, call us at (732) 743-5410 or send us an email to get started.

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